About Us

UMI is a socially responsible company offering fine, handmade, and thoughtfully curated filigree jewelry pieces from Paraguay with the mission of empowering local artisans and preserving the country’s intangible cultural heritage. 

Intangible cultural heritage is a very important factor in maintaining cultural diversity, societal cohesion, mutual respect, and economic development and it is currently under threat by the lack of support, limited resources, growing globalization, and cultural homogenization. - UNESCO

Our artisans are cultural agents and transmitters of what makes Paraguay unique and this is something that we believe, as a society, cannot afford to lose, not now, not ever. Therefore, every UMI purchase supports small families in Paraguay and helps them create a positive change in their community by appreciating what is most valuable to them, their art and craftsmanship.     

Our vision is to become a leading platform for socially-conscious individuals to encourage underrepresented communities worldwide to access foreign markets, showcase local art, and share it among responsible consumers to spark a multicultural dialogue.

UMI is ethical luxury, unique craftsmanship, and handmade quality.

What does the name "UMI" mean?
“Intangible cultural heritage depends on THOSE whose knowledge of traditions, skills and customs are passed on to the rest of the community, from generation to generation.” - UNESCO
UMI is about the story of THOSE people; people whose sacrifice and heritage have kept alive the identity and sense of belonging to the Paraguayan community across generations.
”UMI” means “THOSE” in Guarani, the official and indigenous language of Paraguay.