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Circle Nine Points Filigree Pendant

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  • Intricate pendant in Filigree (a fine art in jewelry making) 
  • Entirely made in 925 sterling silver.  
  • Handmade under ethical working conditions.
  • Delivered in an UMI Handmade box. 
  • Shipped from Paraguay. 

Note: If you would like this piece Gold Plated, please reach out to us here.

Exotic and Unique Piece

This elegant and delicate pendant was handcrafted by Paraguayan artisans in South America. The Tavarandu collection (Tavarandu means ‘Folklore’ in Guarani, the indegnious language of Paraguay) was inspired by the shared culture of traditions that are transmitted from generation to generation though time. 

Authentic and Ancient Technique

This piece is crafted with the extraordinary delicacy and intricacy of the Paraguayan filigree technique, which has been perfected through generations by the strong passion and formidable work of local expert silversmiths.

Social Purpose

UMI is an ethical and socially responsible company that seeks to empower and support small families who work tirelessly to preserve the community’s intangible cultural heritage.

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